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Our Company

Our Mission

Mission Statement

“A Safe and Reliable Insurance for All, through service excellence, innovation and convenience as we help our customers to secure and improve their lives.”

Value Statement

We value our customers, both internal and external. They are truly the lifeblood of our organization. We try to develop our internal customers and help them grow, that’s why we see them as part of our family. Every family member needs support, which is provided regardless of internal differences. We can agree to disagree and any obstacle or challenge we encounter, we face them together as one. We also value the:

For our external customers we ensure that outstanding service is our hallmark. By providing the very best in service we go above and beyond so that customers consistently experience the very best in service. In delivering this promise to our customers we ensure that we continue to innovate so that these services can be delivered effectively and efficiently. In providing our customers with the very best in service, it is also our duty to educate them along the way which we have made a commitment to do. 

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