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Our Company

Our Culture

One family, One team

We like to think of ourselves as one family where everyone helps one another in achieving what’s best for the organization. We all make mistakes in the face of innovation, and because we are not afraid to take risks, it ultimately helps our company to grow and stand out. We, therefore, don’t punish risk takers; instead we encourage innovation and reward excellence. With these guiding principles we foster a culture where the brightest and most innovative individuals are empowered to succeed. Work is not only fun in this environment but we ensure that every employee is taken care of, so that they are able to execute and produce at the highest level.

Why we value culture

Our people are our most important asset. Like any organization a culture dictates how well employees perform, which in effect determines how your customers are treated. Sarifa prides itself in offering the very best overall customer experience and in delivering this promise we ensure that our culture depicts that in every sphere of our operations.  

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