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Liability Insurance

Our society is increasingly turning to the legal system to settle matters after loss or injury. Liability insurance protects you and provides a defense on your behalf if you are sued personally, as an employer, a professional or a company. Policies available through SARIFA are:

Public Liability

Basically covers accidental bodily injury to any person (other than employees); Accidental damage to third party property and the costs and expenses of litigation.

Employers Liability

Financial compensation due to employees for injuries sustained while on the job, whenever the employer is legally liable for the injuries.

Products Liability

Covers the insured (the seller of a product) against legal liability to third parties in consequence of death/ bodily injury arising from the use of a product sold to a buyer.

Professional Indemnity

This policy provides protection against compensation sought by clients resulting from mistakes or negligence on the part of the insured, particularly individuals or firms providing a service by selling knowledge or skills.

Directors’ & Officers Liability

The unprecedented number of corporate scandals, financial restatements, and bankruptcies worldwide has led to the most litigious liability environment in history. Shareholders suffering financial losses, who believe they have been wronged, are going after the personal assets of allegedly negligent or deceitful executives and board members. This policy provides protection for exposed Directors’ and Officers of your company.

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