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Our Company

In The Community

Why we do it

Getting involved in community development initiatives helps to foster a better relationship with those we serve, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the future generation. Our pride in and commitment to inspiring, educating and helping the young and less fortunate are hallmarks of our mission to growing a better Jamaica. The youth of this country are in dire need of proper personal and social development which we support though key projects and alliances, geareed to creating a much brighter future.

Our Goal

Sarifa’s goal is to assist in these target communities both financially and through service, by giving our time, dedication and commitment to the people in need. We believe the only way to grow as a nation is to foster an environment of continuous learning, infused with opportunities that we can make available to the people in the various communities.

How we take on Projects

We look at potential projects on a case by case basis and evaluate the impact it will have on the lives of the individuals and community involved. Once we are satisfied that we can make a meaningful contribution to  welfare and education - which is extremely important to us - we will take on the task. Education, which can come in various forms, is the most important tool we can give to challenged communities. We plan on standing by that commitment to foster growth and transformation.

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