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Customer feedback is very important to us. It helps us grow while you the customer ensure that we are delivering the best in service and hold us accountable for our service delivery.

"I am extremely satisfied with the service I received at SARIFA, the customer service is excellent!"

                                                                  Khalil - Merridale Avenue, Kingston 10

"The service at SARIFA is great, and the staff members are very hospitable and helpful."

                                                                  Ralston - Patrick City, Kingston 20

"I encountered exceptional customer service at SARIFA, and I would gladly recommend others to do business here."

                                                                  Ronaldeo - Constitution Hill, St. Andrew

"I would definitely recommend SARIFA to anyone. The agents are not only professional but very customer friendly and willing to go the extra mile. I was very impressed by that. They even provided guidance on other aspects of operating a vehicle legally on the road, such as the licencing process at the Tax Office."

                                                                  Alfrado - Kingston 3

"I have dealt with a few insurance brokers over the years, but at SARIFA I have found a place to call "home" for my insurance needs. I get fast, efficient and customer-friendly service with the added bonus of all the flexibility that SARIFA offers through their use of modern technology."

                                                                  Anthonette - Three Oaks, Kingston 20

"The service at SARIFA was very efficient. I found the staff to be very helpful, and I would not hesitate to recommend SARIFA to anyone."

                                                                  Ava - Vineyard Town, Kingston 3

"I have no complaints about the excellent service I received at SARIFA. I have already recommended others to do business with SARIFA."

                                                                  Caleen - Coopers Hill, St. Andrew

"I was impressed by the professional service I received at SARIFA. The staff proved to me they have the customers' best interests at heart."

                                                                  Ronni - Palmer's Cross, Clarendon

"Big ups to my brokers! Saved me 50 grand on my insurance! That's more than GEICO!"

                                                                  Xavier - Spanish Town, St. Catherine

"Excellent service and courteous staff, I made the switch and I'm happy with the attention to service I received. Keep it up and thanks."

                                                                  Andre - Kingston 6

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