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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Department

In recent years, our human family across the globe, has exponentially accelerated the search for holistic ways for achieving improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. While the benefits to the individual and communities as a whole is clear, the insurance industry has been relatively slow in responding to the unprecedented shifts in health care demands and choices. At SARIFA, we have resolved to be a game changer in all areas of business operation and service delivery. We embrace and proactively support the transformation of Jamaica’s citizens into a collective of healthier, happier and in turn more productive individuals. Our contribution to nation building! 

We are committed to promoting an improved quality of life for our internal staff family, our partners in the industry and our customers/prospective customers across Jamaica. This will be achieved through health and wellness initiatives and collaborations, pioneering preventative and alternative health insurance plans and shared online resources offering choices in alternative wellness solutions.

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