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Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

Our commitment to you, our customers, is vital to our operations. The service charter is an outline of our promise, in ensuring that we are delivering above and beyond customer service expectations in all interactions, rendering us unmatched by any in the industry. It is extremely important for us that this promise is fulfilled and as such we have decided to take a pro-active approach and timely delivery of service to all external and internal customers and a willingness to actively seek feedback regarding your overall experience.

"We believe in developing the right mix of systems and proper use of technology in our business processes. This makes us more efficient and effective in our operations, making our customers the true beneficiaries. Excellent customer service functions as the bedrock and main pillar of our existence, as without each customer, we would not be in a position to meet our commitments. Our claims management process plays a critical role in our service delivery and we are dedicated to seeing every single claim through, from start to finish and handled with care and expedience.

The customer service charter is designed to outline our service commitment to you and to also measure our performance in how well we are living up to that promise. We continue to be a perpetual work-in-progress as we grow together, in delivering to you the best possible service, which exceeds your expectations." - Christopher Blythe, Chairman

Customer Feedback

  • We encourage customer feedback, so that we can improve on our service delivery to you.
  • There are multiple channels, including social media, our website and in office, through which a customer can relay his/her feedback, complaint, compliment or suggestion and our target is to respond to every customer within 48 hours.

To learn more, please download our Customer Service Charter here.

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