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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

As an Insurance broker operating in Jamaica, Sarifa Insurance broker’s board of directors have a fiduciary responsibility in ensuring that all stakeholders are protected and their interests are being best served based on the decisions being made.

Each director has the responsibility in:

  • Avoiding any conflicts of interest which may arise.
  • Acting in the company’s best interest, which means the interest of the company must take precedence over the personal interest of any board member.
  • Being reasonable, transparent and ethical in all decision making.
  • Provide proper oversight to ensure that all transactions are done legally and that Sarifa is adhering to all the regulatory requirements set forth by the Financial Securities Commission (FSC) which is the oversight body for the Insurance industry.
  • Ensuring that the goals and objectives set forth by the board and its shareholders are being properly executed by the Chief Executive Officer.

The board of Sarifa takes its responsibility very serious and as such, certain measures have been put in place to provide the proper oversight and strong accountability which is needed. The board has implemented a comprehensive corporate governance policy and constituted several committees to ensure the mandate of the board is being met. Through the board’s direction and guidance, Sarifa Insurance Brokers is able to effectively execute and manage its obligations while safeguarding and protecting the interests of all stakeholders.  

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