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About Sarifa

Sarifa insurance brokers not only transformed the brokerage market in Jamaica but also changed the way people acquire insurance, with our online platform making the process more easily accessible and more convenient for our users. Our founder Christopher Blythe saw the need to transmute and resurrect the insurance brokerage market which he believed was lacking in innovation. The market became so complacent at a time when technology was evolving at such a rapid pace globally. It was imperative to shake up the industry in Jamaica and continue to innovate. As our name suggests we provide a Safe and Reliable Insurance for all (SARIFA), ensuring that everyone will be able to get the required insurance they need.

Insurance Services offered 

A company built on innovation

Sarifa will continue to innovate and provide insurance products which are tailored and specific to your individual needs.

Who leads us

The management of Sarifa is comprised of a diverse skill set of individuals, who have a combined experience of over 50 years in insurance including general, health and life. Our team's experience in technology and a penchant to innovate has helped to shape the company into a dynamic leader in the industry, revolutionizing how insurance is purchased.

Awards and Recognition

  • SARIFA Insurance Brokers are the 2015, 2016 and 2018 recipients of the Service Excellence Awards in the Small Business category from the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica and the Jamaica Customer Service Association. This award recognizes companies who have made a commitment to service delivery, by going above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service to their customers. To learn more about this award click here.
  • SARIFA has also been recognized from the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce for their innovation and disruption in the insurance industry for being the first insurance broker in Jamaica to offer insurance services online. Through this recognition, our founder, Christopher Blythe has been awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award for the year 2016 from the JCC.

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